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April 2018



Hello fellow members.


Our April concert was a bit different. We had no booked entertainers and several key performers (Tommy and Pat) were unavailable so we decided not to run our normal formal matinee. 

We started with the anthem and ode as usual, but then for the choir bracket we distributed the books around the tables and had everyone sing our songs. I thought that went well. There were a lot of good voices in the area where I was sitting.

Then Norma took the piano and gave us “Solitaire” and “Shenandoah”. I heard a few folk trying to remember the words to Shenandoah – ‘away you rolling river’ comes to mind. 

Then Beverley Wilson (who we hope will join the Savage Club) sang about the nightingale in Berkley Square followed by “Thanks for the Memories”.

I have been playing around with a Jim Reeves number – “I love you because” and I gave it a go. I was brilliantly supported by Myrna Michell on the piano, Jim on Bass guitar and three members of the SOLC choir Hilary Evans, Leslie-Anne Mitchel and Noeleen Collier who sang the backing – all impromptu. There was also some audience participation and it went really well. I reckon that was by far the best thing I have done at Savage Club.

Maureen gave us a reading about nostalgia – I am guessing that she found it on FaceBook - I hope she hasn’t been ‘hacked’.

Jim returned to the piano and accompanied Graham who sang “If” which is one of many songs for which his voice is well suited.

Next up on the Piano was another member of SOLC Hazel Noller who got Peter going on his drums to accompany her rendition of Boogie on the piano. Feet were tapping all over the hall. 

Myrna then gave us a choice of two pieces and we went with “The Third Man”. With Myrna and Hazel and Norma we had three different styles of piano music and I loved them all. 

The final individual item was Leslie Anne who gave us a poem about Autumn.

That was followed by three songs from the song book and the closing ode. I was needed by my daughter in Wellington so I had to rush off, thereby missing the ‘after-match function’. I wish I could have been there to shoot the breeze with all of the talented people who were there.

It would be great if some of the visitors who came along were to become members and perform with us regularly.


Our next matinee is on May 12th .


Subscriptions remain at $25 per person or $40 per couple, and are now due. Current financial members are:

Maureen and Jack, Evelyn, Zona, Jenny, Rosemary and Tommy, Graham and Alice, Neville and Yvonne, Dell, Marion, Pat, Liz Jim and me. Norma is a life member so we now have 18 members. 


At today’s committee meeting we covered the following matters-

1.     Hall Floor Repairs have been completed.

2.     Bert Metcalfe has been commissioned to carry out repairs to the damaged weather board on the south wall, as well as a new handrail on the north end steps.

3.     Zona is working on the drawing up of a contract for the hireage of the hall, including an increase in the hall hireage fees. We plan to ask our three regular hirers to a meeting before the agreement is finalised and new contracts entered into. It was noted that the regular hirers should pay less per hour than “one-off” hirers. It was also noted that we don’t have a post usage inspection system to identify damage for charging. Further discussion will be held at our next meeting.



I am planning a trip to Europe while you are suffering winter. I plan to be absent May to July and I will miss the June and July korero but not the Waitara raid.



That is it for this month - cheers




Ross Nicholson



March 2018



Hello fellow members.


We started the new year with a really good show on 10 March, with several musicians from places south of here coming together with three of our musicians to put on a really good session for us. You would not have thought that they had not had a chance to rehearse. The visitors were:

Gwen Neil (Piano) Wellington

Jenney and John Forster (Singer, Accordion) Paraparaumu

Barry McLennan (Clarinet) Paraparaumu

Our Peter had a full drum kit which he played with style and panache, while Jim played Saxophone and Tommy the guitar. Afterwards Tommy played his flute with Gwen accompanying on the piano. Anyone who wasn’t there missed a really good show.

A point that I took from it was how Jenny held the microphone so that despite her movement around the stage it was always in the same position relative to her mouth, giving a consistent performance through the sound system. Didn’t matter which hand she held it in, the microphone was always consistently placed. Those of us who leave the microphone on the stand need to stay still and keep close to it.


Our next matinee is on April 14th and we started learning new songs for it today (March 13). It is not too late to join in. Come along next Tuesday at 9:30.


Subscriptions remain at $25 per person or $40 per couple, and are now due. Current financial members are:

Maureen and Jack, Evelyn, Zona, Jenny, Rosemary and Tommy, Graham and Alice, Neville and Yvonne, Dell, Marion, Pat. Not a bad number this early in the year – 16 when Jim and I pay ours.


At today’s committee meeting we covered the following matters-

Eric is now in a rest home in Pahiatua. Tommy will organise a small group to go and see him.

There is another section of floor to be repaired. Jack will get it seen to. I will write to hall users asking for more care to be taken by their people.

Exterior walls painting. We had two quotes and I will be lodging an application to Eastern and Central trust for funding assistance in the sum of $7210, being the lower amount. 

There is a damaged weather board on the side of the building, and the north end steps handrail has failed. These repairs are to be actioned asap.

We need to get a bit more clever with how we store things in the lean to – we need to keep a clear path to the fire escape door.

Zona is going to try to get a sample of a contract for the hireage of a hall that we can use for our hirers.


That is it for this month - cheers




Ross Nicholson

Our Guest Artists demonstrate some ballroom dancing
Our Guest Artists lead us in some songs
Ross sings with his guitar.
Peter tells some tall stories.
Eric and Tommy
President Tommy welcomes a new member
Suzy is inducted into the Club
Another new member
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