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June Newsletter


May - June 2018



Hello fellow members. 


Our May concert followed the informal format of the previous one due to Jim being unable to be there. He had an operation on his eye and he will be seeing much better now. We started with the anthem and ode as usual except that with Jim away we had to use “canned music” for the accompaniment. Like last month we distributed the books around the tables for the choir bracket and had everyone sing our songs. Then Norma took the piano and gave us a couple of pieces and we had items from me, Graham, Maureen, Peter and Dorothy (who has re-joined the club). My brother in law Allen Lawrence was visiting and he gave us a couple of songs playing his guitar. That was followed by three songs from the song book and the closing ode. 


We had Jim back for the June concert, but this time Tommy was unable to be there. Liz had to duck off early in order to help her daughter with packing and shifting some gear so she went early in the programme with her poem about winter. Norma not only played her solos with her usual style, but accompanied Beverly in two songs, Dorothy in one song and me and Dorothy in two songs. Talk about earning your afternoon tea. Jim gave us some saxophone items and Tony had his button Accordion. These instrumental items are always a treat. Graham gave us My Way which he does so well that it always sends a shiver down my spine. He also won the raffle which is the first time that I remember him doing so.


The next matinee on our official programme is August 14th but that has been CANCELLED. We will be receiving Waitara on Sunday 22nd August and that will be quite enough effort for us that month. 


Other upcoming events are playouts at

·      Masonic Levin 29 June at 1:30  

·      Te Whanau Levin 6 July at 1:30

·      Inwards raid from Waitara July 22 at 2.00.


At the May committee meeting we covered the following matters-

1.     Bert Metcalfe has completed repairs to the damaged weather board on the south wall, as well as a new handrail on the north end steps.

2.     The contract for the hireage of the hall had quite a bit of discussion. Further discussion will be held at our next meeting.

3.     There has been a fall-off in invitations for us to provide playouts. Perhaps we should be focussing instead on running three bigger concerts per year with more effort going into each one. This to be further thought through.


My trip to Europe announced last newsletter is off. I went to see my sister in Queensland for a week in June instead.


We will be needing volunteers to do some cooking for the Waitara people’s lunch so please put on your thinking cap and let me know what you can do for that occasion. I will be doing some date scones. They are good with red jam and white cream. I need to hear from those of you who can make a superb soup or a succulent sandwich.


That is it for now – cheers





Ross Nicholson



Horowhenua Savage Club 2018 Programme
Our Guest Artists demonstrate some ballroom dancing
Our Guest Artists lead us in some songs
Ross sings with his guitar.
Peter tells some tall stories.
Eric and Tommy
President Tommy welcomes a new member
Suzy is inducted into the Club
Another new member
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