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Hi everyone, hope that you are all fit and well and wrapping up against the cold I have just come home from visiting my brother, Ron in Australia and having had day time temperatures round 22 to 24 finding it a bit chilly, but kiwis are born tough and am now getting climatised.


What a great night we all had when Gisborne visited us the concert was excellent and the meal too was great, the sticky date pudding was to die for, well done to Marie and her daughter, and thank you.


Our raid to Masterton is getting closer and everything is on track, it was decided that we pay for our own accommodation when we leave as  these days not to many motels accept cheques and this seems to be the easiest way to go.   Our meal at night will be $25.00 

Gavin will be picking us up and will have comfort stop and lunch at Vivs on the way, their  cream horns are as big a as,so looking forward to one of those.  We hope to make Masterton round 2.30.


Our Dominion President ,Ken Ham along with his wife Karenne are visiting us on October 5th which also coincides with closing night and as our 75th Jubilee is this year we are combing this as well so should be a great night.




A garage sale has been arranged for Saturday 27th August in our hall to raise funds for the members travelling to the Blenheim Conference, you are required to bring material (not junk) and assist with the day as money raised will be used to your advantage in cutting down costs for this trip.


Nineteen young idiots walk into a cinema and go to buy their tickets

You’ve come in a  big group the attendant says,  we know says the idiots but the film says it only for 18 and over.


Two other idiots froze to death outside their local cinema,  they had been queing up to  see CLOSED FOR WINTER.


Hope that you are all well keep smiling  Regards Patsy

Eltham Newsletter



Hi everybody, hope that this finds you all fit and well and those of you who have not been well hope you are coming right now.


Our raid from Hawera was most successful and with our club providing the second half entertainment it  was a most enjoyable Korero thank you Hawera- Well done to Shirley who was our chief for the night.


On Saturday 1st June will be receiving  a raid from Gisborne, there is a sit down meal being provided in our hall and the cost is $20.00  so please make sure that this money is paid in advance, remember if you have registered you name to come and you do not, the club will be responsible for your booking, so get the money in as soon as possible either to Richard or to Colleen.Sit down time will be 5.30 and bring your own drink if you like.


I have made a booking at the Amble Court Motel for our upcoming raid to Masterton (6th July) the cost at this stage if $54.00 per head, each member who is attending will be responsible for this and any other expenses that they may incur and meals of course, the travel expenses are being covered by the club.  I will be in touch with room numbers nearer to the date, and all relative information.


Supper Monitors for the Gisborne are PATSY AND IVAN




A little boy runs to find a policeman and says “Come quick”

My dad is in a fight at the pub.   The policeman goes with him and finds 3 men wrestling with each other.  OK says the policeman to the boy which one of them is your father .  Thats what they are fighting over says the boy.

Thats about if for now, keep well and keep smiling.  Cheers Patsy


Colleen and John exchange badges
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Raid to Manawatu
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Raid to Manawatu
Raid to Manawatu
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