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June Newsletter

Hi Everyone,
Welcome to the latest newsletter, unless I get this done it will be a 3monthly newsletter! The last couple of months have come and gone in a flash and many of us have been suffering from the dreaded winter sniffs and snuffles. Rehearsals have been disrupted with members missing.
Shirley's korero in May was varied and very enjoyable. Shirley is to be congratulated as she was also organising the trip to Conference at the same time and we need to thank her for the two unusual raffle prizes she supplied.
The highlight of the last two months was, of course, the Conference at Hokitika. Those of us who live in New Plymouth and Waitara had an early morning start on the Tuesday having to be in Stratford to catch the bus for 7.30am, we picked up Western Group members on the way to Palmerston North which was our last pick up.(31 members in the group.) When we got to the Ferry terminal in Wellington we were told that  all the ferries had been cancelled the previous day due to high winds so there were a few nervous people in the group. THe nerves were put to rest as we had a calm sailing, arriving in Blenheim just after dark. Wednesday morning saw us all raring to go on the trip for the morning. The chocolate factory was a real hit and we got to try some free samples. The trip to Omaka was another highlight for the flying fans .We put on a korero for the Blenheim club that night.
Thursday we moved on to Nelson, had a lovely meal provided by the Nelson Club before we entertained them. Friday saw another lovely fine but cold day, the views of the Mountains and rivers were picture postcard perfect. We all enjoyed the meet and greet evening.Our club wish to congratulate the new Dominion President Ken Ham on his election and look forward to his visit to us in the near future. Both the Hosts and visitor concerts were very enjoyable, so much talent in our Clubs.
We are pleased that Bill Oram, one of our club members, has moved up to being Dominion Senior Vice President. With such a small  number of active  club members we are unable to stage the Conference next time in our area, and are grateful that the Blenheim  Club has volunteered to take on the hosting.
Monday saw a weary and somewhat jaded busload of travellers return to our motel in Blenheim and after a KFC dinner we were all glad to retire for the night. Tuesday saw us arrive at the Ferry terminal in time for a cuppa, and beautiful sunshine.
We were again told it would be a bit bumpy on the way to Wellington but it was just a myth - smooth sailing all the way. With a stop at Levin to load up on licorice at R.J.s,  we dropped off people all the way back to Stratford.  A great time was had by all.
Saturday 9th June we had our inward raid from Stratford, what a great programme they put on for us, such a pity that rugby seemed to have precedence over the korero. 
This coming month will be Ivan's korero. A reminder that the Western Group concert is on the18th August at Waitara.
Taradale's raid to us the first weekend in September seems to be on track.
With Peggy celebrating a family birthday on Ivan's night I will be organising the Kitchen, the supper monitors will be Patsy Lawson and either Bill or Shirley Oram.
Saturday 7th July : Eltham Korero 7.30pm
Saturday 14th July ; Stratford Korero 8pm
Saturday 21 July Waitara raid to Manawatu. 2pm
Sunday 22nd July Waitara raid to Horowhenua 2pm.
Saturday28th July Hawera has inward raid from Waitara 7.30pm.
Saturday 4th August : Eltham Korero 7.30pm
Paddy and  Shaun had finished their usual Saturday evening get together. Paddy opens the door to find that the rain has been pouring for some time and the road was flooded with water. Paddy says "You can't go home in this Shaun, hang on and I'll make up the bed in the spare room for you."  "Oh, thank you " says Shaun.
Ten minutes later Paddy comes down stairs, having made up the spare bed .He finds Shaun in the hallway soaking wet with a soggy bundle of clothes under his arm. "For heavens sake what happened to you?"
"Oh, I just popped home for me pyjamas"replied Shaun.
Bye for now;
Jane,  Reporter.
Colleen and John exchange badges
Eltham Singing Group
Janet tells a story
Ivan's Songsters
Roses and Thorns
Peter on his accordion
Paramount Warblers
RICHARD AND JANE Mind your business
Reg tells a story
Warbler Richard Tweeeeet. twooooo
Warbler Gavin tastes like lemon
Warbler Bill Where's my two front teeth?
Warbler Peter I think he's swearing
Warbler Janet Give me a kiss
Warbler Ivan He's going to spit.
Reg on his Button Accordian
Ivan gives us a song.
Raid to Manawatu
Raid to Manawatu
President's /Rangitiras exchange badges
Raid to Manawatu
Raid to Manawatu
Eltham President Richard Askew welcomes Horowhenua President Tommy Wilson
Eltham Savage Club serves Hot Soup to the Horowhenua Raiding Party.
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