Nelson Savage Club

Newsletter September 2020

Hello everyone, this is ‘Joyce The Voice’ standing in for Philipa  

who is on holiday. 


It is so nice to be back to level 1 and have a few more options

while out and about. The weather is warming up and daylight 

saving is upon us. YAY.


September Report 


Venue seemed to suit everyone who was there. Programme variety was good. Remember there is limited parking on site, please leave it for those who need it, others please park in Songer St. Please let council know what you think about venues eg size, parking, heating etc. (we can switch heating on for ourselves at the church!).


Now, a reminder from the last newsletter.


A.G.M  Thursday 12th November 2020 at St. Andrews Church Hall.


Please give some serious thought to the following issues

before our A.G.M.. We seriously need your ideas.


a. The possibility of moving to afternoon Korero for our 

        monthly club concert. (Maybe Saturdays or Sundays?)

b. A suitable name change for our Nelson Club. We are not     denying our history, but we need to present an acceptable

              image in today’s climate.

c. Nomination forms for Council will be at the October Korero

               Please think about what you could do on the council and be

               prepared to be nominated or offer to take part. 

               If that is not for you, please come along anyway.

d. All Trophy winners for 2019 to keep their Trophies until 2021

    when new presentations made.




Subs for 2020. These are now due. 

$25 per per person, 12.50 per country member.

Those who have already paid – Thank you.


Re. Past member Sunny Cook’s Memorial Service (email from Lee Buckingham, Gillions Funeral Services, Dunedin ph 03 455 2128.)


Good Afternoon Joyce , have attached the link for the  memorial service for Mr Cook , taking place on 17th October  the time has not been decided yet The live streaming will be up and running 15 minutes before the service starts . We Will let you know what time  the service is as soon as we have been informed.

Kindest regards



October KoreroNB. Same venue as last month.

Date:­-NB Thursday 8th October. ie. 2nd Thursday

Time:-7pm for a 7.30 pm start.

Place:-St. Andrews Church Hall

Upper Songer Street. Stoke.

Please bring$5 entry fee, 

$2 quick fire raffles

Your programme  (enclosed).

A supper plate.

Remember,  Covid 19 has not gone away yet!

Social distancing.Use the hand sanitizer.Sign the book.

Next council meetingWednesday    28th October

7pm at Summerset Clubhouse.Supper:-  Hillary and Monica


Bye for now, Keep yourselves safe


Joyce the Voice

“Vital items will demonstrate their vitality by spontaneously 

moving from “where you left them to where you can’t find them.”


At the Hastings Conference


President - P (Philipa) Hardman                            Secretary - Miss R (Robyn) Walsh

Villa 3                                                                 1 Taunton Place

39 Summerset Village                                           Stoke

Sargeson St. Stoke                                               Nelson   7011

Nelson 7011                                                        Ph 03 547 3231

Ph: 03 5477022                                                 Mob: 027 339 3606

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Hall: Tahunanui Presbyterian, Muratai St, Tahunanui, Nelson