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“Hi” everyone for this final newsletter of 2018 and with Christmas less than 3 weeks away. As Ken and Karenne are flat-out trying to run a business in the Christmas Rush and moving house at the same time, my offer to pump out something for our very able club editor was gladly accepted. We are so lucky to have someone of his ability to keep us up to date with Club activities, achievements and the things that we tend to forget. We tend to take things for granted as he has been doing our newsletters for many years. Together with his responsibilities as Kindred Clubs Dominion President, they are very busy people.

Since our last newsletter, the Club has had a very successful AGM for 2018 that saw achanging of the Guard” within our executive committee. It was so good to see such a smooth transition and members so prepared to accept the responsibilities of their offices.
Our congratulations must go to Club President Barry Bridges, Vice President John Rodger, Leon Broadbridge as incoming Secretary; John Monson remains Club Treasurer (now for 20 years) and Neil Gibbs onto committee. Winston Knight remains on the committee but has relinquished his position as secretary after three years. Winston volunteered to fill the gap when I stepped down and has done a wonderful job, this will give him time to concentrate on music preparation for our entertainment group. This group has become the major fundraising medium for our club to assist with travel and accommodation costs. A great vote of thanks to all involved. It is a very time consuming but enjoyable, very well received and appreciated. Our commitment to play for cruise liner visitors on the Picton foreshore over the summer is a big one for those who are available but very worthwhile financially. Earlier this year, our musicians were all given club shirts and now we will have Panama Hats sponsored by Allen Scott Family Wines. The group will look very smart and a credit to our club.

We have just completed a very successful and satisfying 46 years, but with preparations for the hosting of the Kindred Clubs Conference in 2020, our four day raid to the deep south and normal club commitments, 2019 is shaping up to be an extremely busy one. We are still one of the smaller clubs around the country but with spirit and fellowship that makes you proud to be a part of. This was demonstrated at our pre-Christmas Picnic held last Sunday at Brayshaw Park. A small number of members were unable to attend but the 30 plus present had a thoroughly enjoyable afternoon. For several years, this event has been hosted by John and Dot Monson. This one was as good as it gets with everyone working together in splendid harmony, it was just good to be there. Our thanks once again to John and Dot and the musicians, who sounded great and played for hours and everyone who contributed.

The next big Club event is the Sounds Picnic hosted by Ken and Karenne on Sunday 17thFebruary at their home in Maraetai Bay. This is always a great day out with members, families and friends and a wonderful way to start off the Club Year. Further details of arrangements will be given in the New Year but mark this date on your calendar. That is me nearly done and I apologise for the burble. Im just rapt with the spirit and fellowship within the Club. Ken, Karenne, Pat and I all wish you all an enjoyable Christmas and a great New Year with your families. Travel safe and be ready for another great year.

John Henry
On behalf of editor

Blenheim Orphans Club 2018 Programme

Newsletter 26th April



APRIL 26TH 2018 


Well April is almost done and dusted and so we’re now looking forward to our next regular club night next Tuesday May 1st.  Obviously as usual you will have already contacted Program Organiser Pete and so I don’t need to remind you about that.  Wasn’t our Family and Friends night a hum dinger?  Our large audience were unanimous in their praise, comments and compliments.  Supper was very nice thank you everyone and the standard of our 19 item program was extremely high and all done before 10o’clock.  Great to have Ian and Anne back with us, their stay in Aussie doesn’t seem to have adversely affected them which is a good thing.  


April was apparently the month to take your campervan or caravan and depart for places north and south.  Murray and John with their wives went west and south whilst Len and Joy headed over the hill to Nelson and beyond and they were all sorely missed.  Colin spent some time scraping his bottom but he assures me that it’s all clean and shiny now.  Oops I’m terribly sorry I missed the word “boats” out of that sentence but he won’t mind because apparently he can’t open my emails anyway.  Meanwhile Neil organised and ran an extremely successful and well attended ukulele event a couple of weeks ago with I’m told about 140 uke players turning out from all over Nelson and Marlborough.  Ron hit the high spots on Anzac Day when he was asked to be the keynote speaker at the Rai Valley Anzac Day parade.  I’m reliably informed that he carried out his task with all of the pride, dignity and attention to detail that we would expect of him.


Now about our all important trip to Hoki in a little over a month;  When I spoke to Treasurer John a couple of days ago he told me that he was only waiting on one more person to pay before our registration deadline of Friday 27th.  I’m confident that we stand a very good chance of having the single largest club contingent at the conference weekend which makes me personally extremely proud and happy.  Not bad for one of the smallest clubs in the country eh?


I’ve not heard anything to the contrary from the Almoner and so assume everyone is reasonably fit and healthy going into the colder part of the year so that’s good.  


The entertainment group continues to be very busy but through the last month has had to do it without some members but should be almost back to full strength tomorrow when we hit Ashwood Park.


Well I think that’s about enough for now and so will go and have tea looking forward to catching up with you all next Tuesday.


 Ken Ham 



Long Service Award Presentation

                                                                                      We thought  you  might  be  interested  in  this  photograph  of  a very  recent  presentation  of  a  "Long Service Award"  to  Ian Graham  who  recently  resigned  at  the  age  of  95.   Until very  recently  Ian  who  lived  in  Picton  attended  most  of our  Club  Concerts  and  gave  us  an  item  on  his  keyboard. He  also  often  joined  us  when  we  entertained  at  Seaview Rest  Home  in  Picton  playing  his  keyboard  or  skillfully accompanying  us  with  his  castanets.   Easy  to  talk  to,  he encouraged  us  all  in  whatever  roles  we  played  within  our club.      The  photo  attached  was  taken  where  we  found him  sitting  in  the  sun.   There  wasn't  much  room  to  move and  the  photographer  had  to  focus  on  the  ball  not  the presenter.


At Hastings Conference


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