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June Newsletter

JUNE  2019 


Hi Everyone.

Yes?  I am still on the job. Another month has flown by, Ken is still stretched out like a shang-hai so here goes for another update of what’s happening within our club.

SOS!!  Next Tuesday18th June. Family and friends Night.  Sorry for the lateness of this reminder.  Family & Friends nights are a very important part of our Club function. They are always great nights of entertainment and fellowship in which our families and friends can participate and add to the lustre of the night. Pete Scammell, our program organiser (5783466) will be pleased to add your contributions to the program and so get on the job. Please don’t forget members a plate.

On Friday evening 26th July, our annual Ladies Night Dinner is being held at the Alzheimer Rooms, 8 Wither Road from 6pm. This is always a great night please notify Leon for catering purposes if you are able to attend.  We have arranged a three course meal for only $30.00 for members our ladies as usual will be paid for by the club.

The next major club event will be The North, West, South Island Group Conference on Saturday 3rd August at our club rooms.  This group of which John Monson is current Group President and Barry Bridges is Group Secretary encompasses the clubs of Hokitika, Nelson and Blenheim. The meeting takes place every two years and is when the group executive changes.  The formal meeting proper starts at 3pm to allow travelling time for our guests after which we will have a meal together at the Redwood Tavern from 5pm. After the meal we return to our club rooms where the evening concert starting at 7.30pm will be held with each club presenting six items. During the concert the clubs will compete for the best Sketch and Musical Trophies. Once again please contact Leon so he can give numbers for the meal at the Redwood Tavern. Don’t forget members a plate for supper.

Our club has just gone through a period where some of our members have been unavailable for club activities. A few were off for well earned breaks around our country and overseas. This past summer, which would normally be our annual family time away from club functions, was punctuated by performances on the Picton Foreshore supplying entertainment to visitors during the cruise liner season. The commitment of this group, in all sorts of weather, supplying a very high standard of musical entertainment, was a wonderful effort but interrupted their normal summer  activities so good luck to them. Appreciative audiences contributed  very generously to our club funds and these have gone into our travel account to offset the cost of travel and accommodation for members and partners on our Southern Raids on September 12th to Ashburton, 13th to Dunedin, 14th to Waimate and home on the 15th.   We expect the total cost per person to be only $20.00 per day, ($80 total). The club will be performing concerts for each of the three clubs who are hosting us. There is much practice ahead as we are planning on three different programs. Organising travel and

accommodation for this trip is a big job, it is essential that Secretary Leon has the names of all intending to travel. This is important to secure good accommodation so do it now.


One telephone call with three answers

This is essential for our future planning.

1.  Ladies night dinner 26th July,

2. NWSI Group Conference 3rd August, meal at Redwood Tavern.

3. Southern Raid 12, 13, 14, 15th  September.

 Leon is away for the next couple of days so please phone ASAP  after Monday on 5776695.


Sorry for the lecture but some of our new members are still in the dark of how things function.

We have a busy few months ahead and like everything else, you only get out of things what you put into it. This certainly applies to our club as although we are not large, we are one of the best functioning clubs in New Zealand, a fact that we are all proud of.

Ken, in his position as Dominion President, having finally retired from business, has started visiting all the clubs throughout New Zealand. Co-ordinating visits to clubs on their club nights for his official visits is proving to be the usual challenge.  This will keep him away from much our club activities for the rest of the year. Good luck to them both, their presence will be missed by us all.

John Henry


At Hastings Conference


President - Barry Bridges                                                  Secretary - Leon Broadbridge

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