Hastings Orphans' Club

Hastings Orphan's Club 2018 Programme
Mrs Hill has an operation
Mr Hill dies unexpectantly. The Hills are alive with the Sound of Music
The ""Hollies""
The harmonica
I need a wage increase.
Norman Compton has been a member for 63 years
Anne and Norman Compton
The Ukulele Group
All I want is to be left alone and sleep.
Serious Country
Saxophonics under the watchful eye of Graeme Buchanan
Digby Edgecomb's choir
Where's George? I've had enough of the Dragon
The Laughing Policeman
One of the ladies must have died.


Chief - B (Brian) McFlynn                                     Secretary - R W (Robbie) Elms

707 Southland Road                                             901 Eaton Road

Hastings 4120                                                      Hastings 4120

Ph: 06 878 9928                                                   Ph:  06 878 5063 

                                                                         mob: 027 441 5821