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A Note from your President

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A note from your President


Hi everyone


Having taken on board the conference’s request for improved communication I thought I should take this opportunity to start as I mean to continue with what I plan to be the first of many updates and reports.


Firstly let me thank you all for your attendance at what was without question, in my opinion, one of the most friendly and relaxed conferences that I’ve ever attended and for the many good wishes and congratulatory messages I received before, during and since that wonderful weekend.   I believe sincerely that no one who was at our special weekend of fun, fellowship and above all else, friendship could be in any doubt about the important part our national organisation and group structure plays in welding us all together and strengthening our resolve to maintain this special thing we have and enjoy so much. I’m relying on each and every one of you who attended to tell the others who didn’t, what they missed and encourage them to join you next time we all meet.  I personally think that until you’ve been to one of our national conferences or events you don’t fully understand just how good what you’ve joined up with is.


I’m happy to report that since returning home we, The Blenheim Orphans’ Club, have booked and secured the Venue, Catering and Refreshments for the 2020 Conference.  I can now confirm that the dates will be Friday 19th, Saturday 20th and Sunday 21st of June 2020.  The club is confident that this change of weekend after such a long history of holding the conference on Queen’s Birthday Weekend, should allow more people to attend and free up what is for many a very important long weekend.  This will be the fourth time that the Blenheim club has hosted a conference and we firmly believe that, as in the past, the central and very accessible nature of our town will enable us to attract the maximum number of attendees. 


As I said at Hokitika Karenne and I will have very little chance to travel and visit during the rest of 2018 but have plans in place to free ourselves to visit all of you next year in your home clubs and really look forward to doing so.  In the meantime I’d like to issue a very open and honest invitation to you all to feel free to contact me, in whichever way you feel most comfortable, if I can be of any assistance or offer any guidance or motivation.  Dominion Secretary Lynton will doubtless be circulating the minutes etc. shortly but in the meantime can I just say what a privilege I believe I’ve been granted in being given the opportunity to lead such a fine body of men and women.


Looking forward to being in contact again soon but in the meantime should any of you be proposing to hold a special event or celebration during 2019 at which we, The National Executive, might be able to hold our mid term meeting, please let Lynton or myself know.


Yours very fraternally,


Ken Ham.

Dominion President.

Dominion President's Collar and Korowai


The photographs showing the Dominion President's collar ( chain of office)  and cloak (korowai) will give members a chance for a close up look. There are 54 club badges on the collar, many from clubs who have long since closed, and some of the badges are older versions. I believe that this korowai is a replacement of the original one which was accidentally destroyed. If any member has information about the korowai and its history please advise.

NOTE.   While Alan Rattray was Dominion President his car was broken in to and the president's korowai and chain of office were stolen. The cloak was a very valuable item as it had been presented to the Association  by a maori tribe. In 1988 a new cloak was made by Bill Allen of the Masterton Savage Club and presented to the association.