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Dominion President Bill Oram

President's Letter

Association of Kindred Clubs N Z Inc

I would like to thank the Kindred Clubs for allowing me the opportunity to be your President for the next two years.

I hope to follow in Ken’s path to keep this great organisation going.

With a shortened tenure, My sister Shirley & I,  look forward to visiting all clubs in 2021 and finishing off in the North Island in 2022 conditions permitting.


I would like to take a moment to thank Ken and Karenne for their sterling efforts over the past two years. Thank you both for a job well done.


If you have any concerns, or issues you would like assistance with, please do not hesitate to get in touch. Together we can work through matters or seek guidance from Dominion Secretary, Lynton if needed.


Thank you

Yours in Savagery

Bill Oram

Dominion President

Dominion President's Collar and Korowai


The photographs showing the Dominion President's collar ( chain of office)  and cloak (korowai) will give members a chance for a close up look. There are 54 club badges on the collar, many from clubs who have long since closed, and some of the badges are older versions. I believe that this korowai is a replacement of the original one which was accidentally destroyed. If any member has information about the korowai and its history please advise.

NOTE.   While Alan Rattray was Dominion President his car was broken in to and the president's korowai and chain of office were stolen. The cloak was a very valuable item as it had been presented to the Association  by a maori tribe. In 1988 a new cloak was made by Bill Allen of the Masterton Savage Club and presented to the association.