Associa'on of Kindred Clubs of New Zealand – Telephone Conference 2020



I will start my report with my visit to the Gisborne Orphans Club on the 5th of May, 2018. I was well received at Gisborne and presented and marched in with full Kindred Clubs of New Zealand Formali'es. The show they put on was in my view top quality which included (Past Chief) Keith Murton’s grandson, Micah Russell. This young man was absolutely outstanding on the clarinet and the saxophone. A musician to behold and who I am very sure will go a long way in his music career. The rest of the club’s entertainment cast also put on great and memorable performances. ARer the show we were treated to a great supper.
Thank you Gisborne Orphans Club for this great night of entertainment.

My next visit was to the Has'ngs Orphans Club on the 6th of August 2019. I was again marched in with full Kindred Clubs of New Zealand formali'es and made extremely welcome, and was entertained with a very professionally presented show followed by an excellent supper. A top club in my view, leading the way in Kindred clubman ship in this country. Thank you Has'ngs Orphans Club for a great night of entertainment.

My next visit was to the Manawatu Savage Club on the 10th of August 2019. I was marched in by their President Don Fulton. The show for this night’s entertainment was put on by the Has'ngs Orphans Club who were raiding the Manawatu Savage Club at this 'me. A very professional and entertaining performance was presented by the visi'ng club which was followed by an excellent supper put on by the host club. Thank you Manawatu Savage Club for a great night.

I will close my report by apologising to the Horowhenua Savage Club in Levin for not visi'ng as I was intending to this year. However due to the circumstances (Covid-19) that we are going through in this country along with the rest of the world, this was not possible.
I would like to thank all the members of all of the clubs I have visited for the generosity and kindness and Kindred ship shown to me.

Also a special welcome back to Merv Gibbs who has been through a horrible 'me with the illness he has suffered.

Yours sincerely in Kindred ship

Allan Harris
Central Group President


The Western Group is s'll in a reasonable shape despite the loss of Members who have passed away over the last 2 years. Our condolences go to the families who have lost their loved ones.
We are ge^ng fewer new members now as it seems no-one wants to join.

The Four Clubs in the Western Group have good concerts and audiences of between 20-30.

One of the high-lights for me was Straaord’s outward raid to Waitara when the Dominion President abended. The concert went just like clock-work.

The last two Western Group concerts were of a high standard with approximately 70 savages abending. The Western Group has a lot of talented members with song, sketches and music.

One thing the Western Group has is a Croquet Fun day usually on a Sunday once a year in February or March. 2019 saw 31 savages abend and at the end of the day Straaord came up trumps with the most games won. 2020 saw 18 savages playing with Waitara winning the day with the most games won. Well done to all clubs. A big thank you goes to Eileen for organizing these days.

My thanks to Eileen for being secretary over the last 2 years.

Len HoFer
Western Group President

North West South Island

Dear Members
We have three Clubs in N.W.S.I Group. 
HokiHka – who have some new members. When Barry Bridges and I visited we had a very good social night. Nelson – is a very friendly Club with music and sketches. They are also a very strong Club with both men and ladies as members. When Barry and I officially visited them and then visited again with our Club Raid, Nelson Club made us very welcome. The Blenheim Orphans Club have some new members and are also very strong. Like Hoki'ka they are an all male club.
Dominion President Ken Ham and his wife Karenne are doing a great job by visi'ng some Clubs like Gisborne Orphans Club, then they went to Waitara and Manawatu Savage Clubs before returning back home then heading away again to visit more Clubs in New Zealand.
I would like to thank our members of the Band who played at Picton when the cruise boats were in and also our support group. A lot of money was made for the Raid South in September to Ashburton, Dunedin and Waimate so that each person travelling on the Raid only paid a limited amount.
I would also like to thank 
Barry Bridges for the great job he has done as Group Secretary.
I will sign off now, kind regards
John Monson
N.S.W.I Group President.

Southern Group – South Island.

During my two year term I have abended Annual Lunches in Oamaru, Annual Dinners in Invercargill, Dunedin, Ashburton and South Canterbury and the Kindred Club’s Bi-ennial Conference in Hoki'ka, June 2018. Pam and I have abended Koreros in all Clubs in the Group except Christchurch and also abended the Kindred Club’s Associa'on mid-term mee'ng in Palmerston North. We have enjoyed excellent hospitality where-ever we have gone. Thank you Club Officials for your co-opera'on.

Clubs are coping well with slightly smaller abendance, but the quality of entertainment is extremely good. There have been many inward and outward raids within the Group and this is great for friendships to develop and renew. The cost of coach hire has seen more cars used for outward raids.

On Saturday, 24th August 2019 the Southern Group had its Bi-ennial Get-together in Waimate. All eight clubs were represented with an abendance of 85 members. The mee'ng was very successful. The No'ce of Mo'on to be put forward at the Kindred Clubs Bi-ennial Conference was amended and passed. A Mo'on put forward that the Group carry on “as is” was passed. The Host Club for the next Get-together, 2021 is to be the Ashburton Friendship & Entertainment Club.

Notice of Meeting




Dominion PresidentDominion Secretary

KL (Ken Ham)             LA (Lynton) Hotter

C/- 116A Wither Road    91 Princess Street

Witherlea, Blenheim 7201  Waitara 4320

Mobile 021 536 426    Email






Notice is hereby given that the Annual General Meeting of the Association of Kindred Clubs of NZ (Inc) will be held and undertaken by WebLink on Saturday, 20th June 2020 at 2.00pm.



1Notice of Meeting

2Dominion President’s Welcome

3Appointment of Minute Secretary, Jack Paine        Nominated: Lynton Hotter Seconded:



6Roll Call – Clubs and Groups

7Minutes of 2018 Biennial Conference, which was held at Hokitika

8Matters Arising

9Dominion President’s Report – Ken Ham

10Adoption of Report

11Dominion Secretary’s Report -  Lynton Hotter

12Adoption of Report

13Presentation of Balance Sheet  - Lynton Hotter

14Adoption of Balance Sheet

15Group ReportsCentral:    Alan Harris

N.W.S.I.    John Monson

Southern  Ian Buckingham

Western   Len Hotter


16Adoption of Reports

17Appointment of Scrutineers

18Election of Officers

19New Group Presidents – ConfirmationCentral:



Western:Mrs Colleen Clarke

20Affiliation Fees:  To remain at $5.00 per member

21Don Lucas Trophy  -

22Remits – Notice of Motions received from: Dick Dodds & Jack Paine

23Venue for Conference 2022 – Hastings Orphans Club

24General Business

(a)   Groups - Disbandment


President's Report

President’s Report

June 2020


It’s with a great deal of pleasure that I present this report covering the past two years during which I have been both proud and privileged to participate and serve in our organisation’s highest office.  My goal when taking up the position was to provide positive guidance, direction and leadership whilst making myself constantly available to assist and advise whenever and wherever required.  Likewise I have endeavoured to act as a form of communication conduit between clubs throughout the country sharing good ideas and successful practices observed during our visits.


Personal circumstances (i.e. the slower than expected sale of our business and Blenheim home) conspired to delay the start of our tour of visits which meant we had to condense all of our travels into four and a half months last year.  We travelled over ten thousand Kilometres by car, crossed the Straits on four occasions and spent a total of thirty five nights away from home.  Twenty of those nights were spent enjoying the kind and generous hospitality and company of some of the nicest people from within our wonderful organisation.  Karenne and I will forever be extremely grateful of the warm welcome and friendship shown us by these folk who I believe epitomize the true spirit of Orphandum and Savagery.  We found most clubs to be in good heart but with a small number showing some concern about a reduction in numbers.  I have long believed in quality above quantity.  Without exception all of the 18 clubs we visited put on good and thoroughly enjoyable programs and embraced the friendship, fellowship and fun which I sincerely believe, are and must always remain, the hallmark of our clubs and what we stand for.  


During our visits I had the pleasure and privilege of presenting a large number of service badges some of which were for extremely long service.  This, I think, ably displays the strength of feeling for and belief in our clubs by their members.


At the end of our tour last year we had just two clubs remaining to visit and had intended to do that in the first two months of the 2020 season, but none of us could or would have predicted what we have been faced with.  At the time of writing this all clubs are of course in recess and it remains to be seen how the rest of the year will pan out.


Sadly we must acknowledge that country wide we have an aging membership and most clubs have made some changes in an attempt to reverse the trend and maintain numbers but unfortunately a lot of those changes appear to have been largely unsuccessful.  Whilst personally I have some very long and strongly held beliefs I don’t believe that it is my role to criticise or dictate but rather to support and encourage where possible.


Most of you will be aware that my best efforts to communicate were thwarted early last year by a computer hacker and so I must thank Dominion Secretary Lynton for his regular updates along with the myriad of other tasks he has to carry out.  I must also thank all members of the Dominion council for their effort, time and expense put into undertaking their elected duties.  As an executive we have spent countless hours in discussion searching for the illusive magic bullet that would correct any failings within our organisation but since we are not granted the power to vote we can but suggest and recommend. 


Finally I think that the unprecedented times that we find ourselves living in should offer us the opportunity to reflect on the important part that our clubs play in our lives and to consider where they could and should be, going forward.  I believe if we remain positive and work diligently we can progressively realise the worthy ideal we all seek.  I’d like to thank you all for the chance to contribute and wish my successor and his elected council along with our nationwide membership all the best for the ensuing two years and beyond.



Ken Ham.



Secretary's Report






The Kindred Club organisation needs to look into the financial situation and how our finance is acquired.


Firstly we rely on Affiliation Fees from Clubs and as we are losing our members our revenue from this source is declining.

For example

2014Membership was 1132

2015   Membership was 1022down 110

2016   Membership was   942down   80

2017Membership was    856down   86

2018Membership was    832down   24

2019   Membership was   793down   39

2020   Membership is       725down   38


In 5 years clubs have lost a total of 339 members which equates to approximately $1695.00


The Association has relied on successfully run Conferences where the Host Club and the Association share the profits equally.  

For example

2010 Conference$1800 received from Waitara

2012 Conference$1276 received from Nelson

2014 Conference$1050 received from Blenheim

2016 Conference$1441received from Hastings

2018 Conference      Nilreceived from Hokitika

(The last Conference held in Hokitika returned a nil profit so no finance was received)

Also this year there will be a nil return because our Conference which was to be held in Blenheim, was cancelled owing to the Coronavirus (Covid-19) Pandemic.



Clubs are struggling and I estimate that within 5 years several more Clubs will have gone into recess.


I can truthfully admit that a lot of expenses for the Association have come out of the ‘out of pocket’ expenses of the Secretary/Treasurers allocation.

You would be very surprised of what I have paid and not charged the Association for eg stamps, envelopes, photographs, duplicating paper, printer ink cartridges etc.


We need to figure out how we can exist as the number of Clubs throughout our 

country diminish - sadly because of lost members.


Affiliation Fees:  There are more and more clubs paying these through Direct Credit (Internet Banking) which is ok but would the clubs who use this system please notify me so that I know they have paid using this method.  I would appreciate if you would flick me an email when you do this.


Last but not least, I would like to thank you all, and especially Ken, for the assistance you have given to me. Also thanks to the Blenheim Orphans Club who have done an amazing job.  I know this is a very unusual way of having our Conference but it is the best we can do in the circumstances


Lynton Hotter

Dominion Secretary


Nominations for Executive



Dominion President – One received

WR Bill OramEltham Savage Club

Nominated: Gavin Clark Eltham Savage Club

Seconded:    Patsy Lawson  Eltham Savage Club


23 years in Savagery. 2 years Rangatira of Wanganui Savage Club. 

2 years Dominion Junior Vice President

Current Dominion Senior Vice President


Dominion Secretary/Treasurer – One received

LA Lynton HotterWaitara Savage Club

Nominated: David RoguskiWaitara Savage Club

Seconded:  Jim HookWaitara Savage Club


Current Dominion Secretary/Treasurer


Past Dominion President

KH Kenneth Ham        Blenheim Orphans Club

Nominated:  Leon Broadbridge                    Blenheim Orphans Club

Seconded:     Winston Knight         Blenheim Orphans Club


Foundation Member of Blenheim Orphans Club – 47 years

Current Dominion President of Kindred Clubs of NZ Inc



Senior Vice President – One received

WW Wayne ClimoHokitika Savage Club

Nominated: Howard HughesHokitika Savage Club

Seconded:    Keith BillHokitika Savage Club 


Member of Hokitika Savage Club for 38 years

Group Secretary twice. Current Dominion Councillor




Junior Vice President – One received

Allan HarrisTaradale Savage Club


Executive Members North Island – Two required

MB Michael ScandlynGisborne Orphans Club

Nominated:  Dan HigginsGisborne Orphans Club

Seconded:     Paddy HigginsGisborne Orphans Club


Chief of Gisborne Orphans Club – 4 years.  Current Chief of Gisborne Orphans Club.  Central Group President – 2 years




Executive Members South Island – Three required


William Keith BillHokitika Savage Club

Nominated:  Howard HughesHokitika Savage Club

Seconded:     Wayne Climo  Hokitika Savage Club


Member of Hokitika Savage Club for 25 years. Great Chief, Group Secretary, Group President, current Dominion Councillor



Philipa HardmanNelson Savage Club

Nominated:  Robyn WalshNelson Savage Club

Seconded:     Monica Greenfield  Nelson Savage Club


Member of Nelson Savage Club for 33 years. Past President, current President.

Current Dominion Councillor.


Gary WattsChristchurch Savage Club

Nominated:  Lilian Van ElkChristchurch Savage Club

Seconded:     Connie Van Elk Christchurch Savage Club


Member for 3 years of New Plymouth Savage Club.

Member for 17 years of Christchurch Savage Club.




Brian WilsonWaimate Savage Club

Nominated:  John FenwickWaimate Savage Club

Seconded:    Pam Buckingham  Waimate Savage Club


President of Waimate Savage Club.

President of Southern Group.  Current Dominion Councillor


Owing to there being only one North Island Nomination for the Executive – and four South Island Nominations – I believe that the overall total of five should be accepted and elected plus the four Group Presidents.


LA Hotter

Dominion Secretary 


Notice of Motion

To delete the words (Savage and Orphans) from the title of the Association of Kindred Clubs of

New Zealand Inc. (Savage and Orphans)

Moved  R.T. Dodds       Seconded  J.R. Paine


Although there is history behind these titles Savage and Orphans are now not acceptable to some

Persons and could be a hindrance to increasing membership.


      Notice of Motion  No  2


To retain our links with the past and our history we suggest the individual Clubs consider altering

Their names to “Kindred Club of ………………..(Name of city, town or district)

Moved  R.T. Dodds        Seconded  J.R. Paine



The alteration to the name could allow persons or entertainment groups who may resent the

Club’s present title to join our groups.


                  Notice of Motion  No  3


If the motions and 1 and/or 2 be approved the existing rules 1, 2, 5, 9 and 21 would need to be

reviewed and amended where necessary.

Moved  R. T. Dodds        Seconded  J. R. Paine


Notice of Motion  No  4


To delete the title “Dominion” from rules  10,  11,  12,  13,  14,  15,  18,  20,  21,  22  and  25  and

replace with a title as decided by members at this conference.

Moved  R. T. Dodds             Seconded  J. R. Paine




As New Zealand has not been a “Dominion” for over seventy years and the rules could be

amended as above it would be timely to delete this historic name.  The history of the Association    

was recorded in 2016 so this information would not be lost.


To attract younger members we must change with the times to bring ourselves up to date and   

therefore ask all members to consider these proposals to ensure the Associations and the Clubs   


Executive Meeting Minutes 2nd June 2018






Welcome by Robbie Elms, Dominion President.

Present:        Ken Ham, Leon Broadbridge, Bill Oram, Brian Wilson, Keith Bill, Wayne Climo, 

          Merv Gibbs,  Philipa Hardman, Ken Holmes, Lynton Hotter.

Apologies:    Alan Harris, Jim LawrenceKen/Leon  (C)


Bereavements:  All members who have passed away were given a Moments Silence.


Minutes of the Executive Meeting – held at Nelson on 10th September 2017 were read and confirmed.Wayne/Leon  (C)

Matters Arising: 

1 Banner presented by Wayne and Hokitika was accepted with a vote of thanks.


General Business:

1 Christchurch SC , because they have not officially resigned from the Association in writing   

   and have continued to pay their Affiliation Fee – are still eligible to attend Association’s 


2 Ashburton SC had not added ‘Savage’ to their change of name.  It was Moved by Philipa    

   and Seconded by Ken That: ‘Ashburton Savage Club’ must be in their official name.      (C)

   But their marketing stratagory  may be without the word ‘Savage’ in their Heading.

Ken/Brian (C)

Remits:  Regional Groups change of dates.

  Rule 5 be left to Conference Meeting

Nominations for North Island be closed as the Rules state that we have 5 elected executive.

Leon Broadbridge withdrew his nomination for the South Island Executive.

Should we not get a nomination to host the 2020 Conference – Blenheim OC would be prepared to hold it in possibly mid June 20th – 21st, 2020.


Scrutineers:  Pete Scammell and John Black.

Minute Secretary for Conference Meeting:  Jack Paine.

As there was no further business

Meeting Closed at 10.05am



Present:   …………………………………………..Date:  …………………

Executive Meeting Minutes 3rd June 2018






Welcome by Ken Ham – new Dominion President

Present:  Philipa Hardman, Merv Gibbs Keith Bill, Wayne Climo, Brian Wilson,

      Bill Oram, Robbie Elms, Leon Broadbridge, Lynton Hotter, 

      Ian Buckingham, John Monson.

Apologies:  Alan Harris, Len Hotter


Conference Discussion:  2 Great Concerts

Remit 1 – defeated.     Remit 2 – passed

Notice of Motion – a surprise item but this will come up as a Remit for Confernece 2020.

More information to go to Clubs, making sure every Club gets the necessary


Hard copies necessary for communications.

Circulate all a brief overview of Confernece.

We are looking for a Host Club to hold our Executive Meeting 2019. (possibly around the Manawatu area)

All Club Newsletters to be sent to Dominion President Ken Ham, please.

The Association is looking for a competent computer whiz to have complete control of our Website, to take over from our Mastermind Jim Lawrence who

has done a sterling job since its inception. (by him)

2020 Conference will be hosted by the Blenheim OC on the 20-21st June and it hoped that the change of weekend will allow ALL clubs to be in attendance.


Robbie Elms congratulated Ken Ham on becoming Dominion President.


Meeting Closed:   9.50am


President Robbie Elms and Secretary Lynton Hotter